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They continued steadfastly in the Apostles Doctrine

They continued steadfastly in the Apostles Doctrine

February 18, 2014

 Bishop Sherrod C. Johnson Former Apostle and  Founded (In 1947, he established the Church Corporation)   In this the 53rd anniversary of the falling asleep of Bishop S.C. Johnson, we are placed to have this opportunity to post one of his sermons. We are honored to be the remnant of Bishop Johnson’s labor. We thank God for the Sacrifice he made to deliver the gospel to the world; we are now able to embrace it and find eternal life. It is by the gospel he preached that the church can stand today and hold to the truth of the Apostles doctrine that Jesus Christ is God and there is no other.

Bishop S.C. Johnson preached the gospel from 1919 to 1961. He was a true example of holiness, even his last breath was used preaching the word and in the service of God. Though he has departed this world His work still remains. The gospel he preached is still being preached by Apostle Anthoneé J. Patterson and the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith is still practicing the Apostles doctrine and believing the gospel of reconciliation unto eternal life.

Apostle’s Faith will soon begin our 4th year of podcasting. We invite you to stay tune as we continue to bring the word of God preached by Apostle Anthoneé J. Patterson. We will on occasion post sermons from our former Apostles, Bishop S.C. Johnson, Bishop S.M. Shelton and Bishop Shelton Nehemiah. We thank you for listening and invite you to come and worship with us.                   

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