100 Pennies Jesus Wept
A Lie cannot stand Joushua Is In the House is Caleb Here
A Thought Just When I Need Him The Most
Anytime I Call Him Keep My Feet
Appointment Time kept By The Hand of the Lord - 8,760 Days
Are You In The Number? Labor not for the meat which perishes
Are You Ready for Your Moment Lay hold on eternal life
Ascend From The Grave Lazarus Is Dead
Ask of God Let there be no Division
Assist Me To Pay My Vow Let Your Yea be Yea; Na, Na
Baptism to Life Light out of darkness
Bare Witness Lord Speak To My Soul
Be Better Than The Pigs Mix the Gospel with Faith
Be confirmed by the gospel My Faith
Be Faithful My Works follow My Faith
Be Patient No Confederacy
Be Strong; Be Diligent; Go Forward No More Apostle or No Other Gospel
Bewitched No Other God Can Pardon
Bread and Water On the First day - Light
Breaking The Bread One More River to Cross
Build A Bridge Of Faith And Cross Over Open Thy Mouth And Speak Boldly
By Faith Other Sheep I have, which are not of this fold
Call your Faith to Record Out of the Abundance of the Heart
Called and answered Over Here the Priest’s lips keep knowledge
Called to be Saints Power in the Name of Jesus
Can God Count On You Prayer of Faith
Can Two Walk Together Except, They Agree Prayer of Thanksgiving
Can You See Jesus? Preach the Kingdom
Children of the free Woman Precept upon Precept
Children of the resurrection part I Prophesy
Children of the resurrection part II Put On The Breastplate Of Faith
Christ Jesus Question on Baptism
Come From Under the Shadow of Doubt Read the signs on the Highway
Come handle God Receive these words, mix it with Faith
Come Home Reconcile Your Past
Come thou with us Reconciliation To Christ
Come Unto Me Redeem the time unto salvation
Come Walk With Me Remember me
Come Where I’m bound Remind Them Of Balaam
Command Thou Me Resurrection to Life
Command Thou Me Salvation Is Yours
Commandment To Be Baptized Sanctify Them, Saints
Commemoration Of Apostle S, M. Shelton Save yourselves from this wicked World
Confirm somethings Set your heart before the Lord
Connected to God before Sin Sitting by the way
Decision Day Stand
Delivered in time Stay Free, Don’t Return to Bondage
Do what the Lord say do Still In Truth
Don’t go to the Flames Strive For Masteries
Don’t Mettle With Them That Charge Strive Lawfully
Don’t stop sowing seeds of the spirit Take heed to what you hear
Eat Meat Take My Bones With You
Enmity Between God and me is Gone Take Up Your Cross
Esteem Them Very Highly In Love Tarry With It
Except the Lord build the house Taste And See The Lord Is Good
Feast Of The Lord Is Going On Teaching and Preaching
Forgive One Another The Church
Free from Death The comforter has come
From Death To Life! The Devil Desireth To Sift You
From Imperfection to Perfection The Door Being Shut-Christ Appeared
Get It Right With God The Enemy Is On You Right Hand
Get The Victory On This Shore The Faith of the Just Shall Be Remembered
Get Your House In Order The Holy Ghost is in the House!
Give an account to God The Host
Give up this knowledge, for what? The Letter Killeth, The Spirit Giveth Life
Glass Bubbling Over The Light of God’s word
Go Fishing The Lord has Sealed You
God Corrected Our Feet The Lord Sent An Angel
God gave me a Sign The Moment before victory
God Has Tried Hearts The Nature Of God
God’s Seed The Oven
God’s Witnesses The Preaching of the Cross is Foolishness
God's Purpose! The Principles of the Doctrine
Handling the Word of Life The Promise
He Included Me The Reaper
He was God and He was Man The Signs Of The Times / A Covenant With The Beast
He will cover me The Spirit Quickeneth
He’s Been There All The Time The Word Of The Lord Shell Accomplish this
Here I’AM The Zeal of the Lord will Perform This
His Blood is Life There are Three that Bear Witnees!
His Word Comes To Give You Power Therefore seeing we have this ministry
Hold On They continued steadfastly in the Apostles Doctrine
Holdfast to faithful words This Is The Way The Lord Has Taken Us
Holy Ground - Your life has been preserved Till We Meet Again
Hope of a better resurrection Time To Get Off Neutral
Hoping For Something Not Seen Trust in Jesus
How can he preach, except he be sent Truth
How much is your soul worth Truth is a spirit
I am Against The Prophets, That Steal My Words. Turn from the power of Satan to God
I Am In Him & He Is In Me Two Brothers One Taken The Other Left
I Carry The Testimonies Of Jesus Two Sons
I Come To Sanctify You Holy Unto Him Shall the Gathering of the People be
I don’t have long to stay here Walk Worthy
I Don't Mind Serving God What Can I Render To The Lord
I Found Comfort In The Word What Doth Hinder Me to be Baptized - Easter
I have been Born Again What has the word of the Lord accomplished in your life?
I have seen God and my life has been preserved What If I’m right
I Know Jesus What is Your Profession
I Love The Saints What Will You Give In Exchange For Your Soul
I marvel that you are so soon removed What will your Record say
I Met a Man Whatever Your Good Pleasure
I Only Have One Chance Whatsoever A Man Soweth, That Shall He Also Reap
I’ll Rather Have Jesus Where Shall the Sinner and Ungodly Appear
I’m Ready to be Born Again Where Will You Be When The Trump Sounds
I’ve Seen God Face To Face Where Will You Spend Eternity
I'am the Lord's Forever Which Side Of Malachi Are You On?
I'am Trying To Help You While You Are Shut In
If Our Gospel Be Hid, It Is Hid To Them That Are Lost Who Can Separate You From The Love Of God
If You Continue In The Faith Who is he that condemneth?
If You Have Faith, Then Be Baptized Who is on the Lord Side
In Mixed Company Who Told You That ?
In Preparation For Landing Will Not Leave My Soul In Hell
In the firmament of His Power Will you continue in false doctrine
In the Presence of God Willing to go to the Lion’s Den
In times like these Woe be to the shepherds
It Does Not Take Long To Go Into False Doctrine Word
It Is Better To Nibble At God’s Table Wrapped in flesh and blood
It is Written Written Epistles
Jehovah Witness - I know Jesus part II Ye are covered
Jesus Is Mine Yes I Will
Jesus is the Christ You Are The Christ of God
Jesus or Barabbas You Hath He Quickened
Your Faith Will Make You Whole